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04/10/2005 : New album of DEPECHE MODE this Autumn :

Depeche Mode are currently in Santa Barbara, California recording their first studio album since 2001's, 'Exciter', due for release this Autumn.

"It's a great feeling to be back together in the studio again and we are very excited about the new material", says Dave Gahan. "We are all feeling incredibly positive about the album. Ben Hillier has brought a whole new dynamic to the group which is quite inspiring."

03/28/2005 : DM still in studio... it's a good news :

We all know that DM is still in studio for a new album.
We are waiting for an annoucement in a few weeks. So stay tuned.

Been waiting for the Modes to come....

01/24/2005 : DIFFERENCE first video clip + work in progress :

Some news about DIFFERENCE, (famous for the cover of Behind the wheel) work in studio is amazing, the songs they're producing are just great. it will be a fantastic album.

But before, a nice surprise cause the promotional video of behind the weel is finished. What a surprising video.
Click here to watch the video

01/17/2005 : DEPECHE MODE back in studio :

It's not a rumor and it's official DM is in studio since the 17th January 2005, with Ben Hillier their new producer.
Some news very soon. Stay tuned :-).
12/15/2004 : MERRY CHISTMAS to all of the fans of DM :

We wish you all a merry christmas to all of your visitors, friends, partners, artists and fans of Depeche Mode :-)

Thanks to you this website is more and more popular.

11/17/2004 : DEPECHE MODE back in studio :

It's official:
"The band will be collectively gathering in Santa Barbara in early December, along with with Daniel Miller, Jonathan Kessler and producer Ben Hillier. In January 2005, after a holiday break, the band will start work on their new album."
For informations, Ben Hillier has produced the album "Think tank" of Blur and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

11/12/2004 : Coming soon an annoucement from DEPECHE MODE :

So what is this news ????
On the official website of DM, Martin Gore is saying that there is a possibility of a new album but nothing is sure...

Today a new annoncement is coming in few days from depeche mode themselves and all that we know, it will be a great news !!

The answer will be here soon on this website....

10/22/2004 : The first video clip of CHILDREN of Depeche Mode : NEW !!!!

Here is an extract of the first video clip of Children of Depeche Mode : it's the cover of "It's no good" interpreted by NAVEED, made by David VINCENT and produced by D2G Films.

Click here to watch it !!!!

09/30/2004 : Watch the new video of Depeche Mode :

A new video clip for Enjoy the silence 2004 version was made !!
It's big surprise cause it's a video animation !!!

Click here to watch it now

09/19/2004 :
CHILDREN OF DM available at A Different Drum in the USA !!! :

The album CHILDREN OF DEPECHE MODE is now available in USA,
CHILDREN is the first French tribute ever made and probably one of the best ever released. It's an limited edition wich includes DIFFERENCE with Behind the wheel , ALENI with I am you , CELLULOIDE with Somebody and MONAVANA with The sun and the rainfall.

You can order the album on the website of A Different Drum

You can listen to it, click here.

08/15/2004 : Album REMIX of DEPECHE MODE :

THE REMIXES 81-04 de Depeche mode will be release the 25 october in Europe.The triple disc set will include new mixes from Daniel Miller, Timo Maas, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, Goldfrapp and a host of others.

For all informations check the official micro website

08/07/2004 : The Devotional tour in DVD :

The Depeche Mode live concert film filmed during the 1993 European Devotional Tour will be released as a double DVD-set on September 21st (30th according to Mute), will include the complete concert plus extra tracks and a lot of bonus.

The devotional micro website It's here, Enjoy ;-)

06/27/2004 :The english section is now open :

The english version of the web site is now open to all Depeche mode fans from all around the world ;-)

You can listen to exclusif MP3 on the music/video page !!!!!

You want to know more about us ? click here

06/27/2004 : FORETASTE first CD, first hit now available :

.We highly recommend to you to get first CD 4 titles of the group Foretaste, well known for the resumption of The bottom line and especially of Easy Tiger on the album of Children.

4 Wonderfull tracks like Discordance or Re-love !!!!!!
Enjoy... the music ;-)

To visit the microsite click here




Much more than one simple homage to the group, this disc is the reflection of a new generation of independent artists which grow up with the sound of Depeche Mode..
The titles of this album are not copies of the original titles but great interpretations talented, original and sometimes surprising. Each group have made the sound with its manner, One of the best tribute ever...
Click here to listen to it