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Why a website"Children of Depeche Mode" ?

We have creat this website to present you some new french artists influenced by Depeche Mode.

Children of Depeche mode is an association of inventive and creative artists. We want to share with you our passion and make known us through Depeche Mode.

Do not wait to find on this website : imitations of our idols but some good original and inventive music at the image of our parents ;-)

Thanks to this site, many collaborations were born. Today, we are able to produce, distribute our music and to carry out videos clips. And it is only the beginning...

The album"Children of Depeche Mode"

This is the first French tribute in homage to Depeche Mode made by the new independent scene. .

Much more than one simple homage to the group, this disc is the reflection of a new generation of independent artists which grow up with the sound of Depeche Mode..

The titles of this album are not copies of the original titles but great interpretations talented, original and sometimes surprising. Each group have made the sound with its manner,
One of the best tribute ever...

It's a real pleasure to rediscovering DM thanks to these astonishing recoveries made in the spirit of the innovation. It's just the children of Depeche Mode, who pay a homage to their parents.

The album is a now available in France but it will be available in all Europe very soon.
It is the new Label: DIFF records which produce the album Children of Depeche Mode.

Want to distribut the French tribute in your country ?
if you're a distributor and you want to sell the frenchtribute in your country, so don't hesitat
contact us

Children of DM is a great success all around the world.
We 've received a lot of message from all around the world so thank you very much.
The album is not yet available in all countries so now there will be a possibility to buy the album on this website very soon ...Thanks for your support.

History of the project :

How the story begins :
It's at the beginning of the year 2001, on a Internet forum devoted to Depeche mode, that the idea of a French tribute was born. Code name: "Frenchtribute". But it's true title "Children of Depeche Mode" was immediately and unanimously adopted.
We are all the children of Depeche Mode...

Very hard work :
The investment of the groups in the project was fantastic. All of them have worked very hard during several months. They've made really original recoveries and sometimes even very surprising. A dozen of them will be finally retained, but more than a tribute/homage to Depeche Mode, we wish that this album will make discover new French artists.

The result :
The result of the project is : a very original tribute album and the first frenchtribute of the Depeche mode history. The objective is from now to distributed it, all around the world, because Depeche Mode is international...