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Music : (French tribute to Depeche Mode)
Children of Depeche Mode - Le French tribute

14 songs / 14 bands
Réf : diff200301
Distribution : Diff Records
Release : 19 Mai 2003
Spécial : The first french tribute of the history
MP 3
Naveed It's no good Pop-rock
Remind Leave in silence Electro ambient
Death Nature Shake the disease Pop / New wave
Plimplim (Monavana) The sun and the rainfall Electro trip-hop
Difference Behind the wheel Electro trip-hop audiovisual
Celluloide Somebody Synthpop
Aleni I am you Electro-pop
Communication Zero The things you said Electro-industrial
Foretaste The bottom line Electro-pop
Jadisaltimbang Policy of truth Electro-pop
Antigluck feat. Dip World full of nothing Pop-rock
Dead Souls Rising Enjoy the silence Electro-pop
Stone Cold To have and to hold Electro sampling
MP 3 : (Remix and cover of Depeche Mode)
MP 3
Difference Ice Machine (extract) Cover
Foretaste I Feel loved remix (full) Remix
MP 3 : (Compositions)
MP 3
Antigluck La métamorphose (extract) Electro-industriel
Celluloide Synchronise (extract) Electro-pop-new wave
Difference Messager (extract) Electro-Trip-hop
Dip Hurry again (extract) Pop Rock
Foretaste Re-love (full) Electro-pop
Naveed NEW ! En souvenir de la vie (full) Pop Rock
Re:mind Colour and pain (full) Electro
Stone Cold Hydrogene (full) Electro ambient
Video :

07/04/2004 : Video promo is cooming soon.
We have just finish the first video clip of Naveed with the cover of "It's no good".